Little Trista using the neck bag to keep her warm and toasty while she sleeps.
Look how fashionable Melissa is with her corn bag, when she goes outside in the cold
Our neck bags are our biggest sellers. Their versatility makes them extremely popular. They measure roughly
29" x 5 1/2" and have 4 seperate pockets so the corn does not flow from one end to the other.

They can be easily folded or wrapped around the body. This can help with those aches and pains associated with injuries, illnesses, and post surgeries. Many patients have told us that they use less pain medications, because of the corn warming bags.

Neck bags work great for wearing around the house during the winter months. This will allow you to keep your thermostat lower. Use a neck bag for those cold drives to work, or just warm one up and sit with it while at work. You'll be the envy of your office!!!

Bed warmer (Heat them up and place them in your bed moments before you jump wonders for a perfect nights sleep)

Children love them (provides a warm cuddle that helps them drift off to sleep easily and quickly).

Wonderful for all ages
Makes a great gift for family and friends
Snuggle up with one tonight!!
The neck and body bags measure 29 to 30 inches long.