Frequently Asked Question's

1. What are Corn Bags?
Our Corn Bags are usually made of 100% cotton flannel bags filled with whole kernel field corn. When heated in the microwave for 2-3 minutes, they provide hours of relief to soothe headaches, body aches, growing pains, menstral cramps, hot flashes, sore and aching muscles, arthritis, cramping, chills, and much, much more. Believe it or not most users in the cold states use these for warming the bed at night. Cozy up to a warm corn bag at night!! Corn Bags can also be placed in the freezer for a few hours and used as a therapeutic cold pack.

2. Why should I have a Corn Bag?
The Cold/Heat packs that are currently on the market include electric heating pads and silicone gel packs. Many of these products require a constant flow of electricity to produce heat and are not safe for the environment. Corn Bags are a natural, organic, reusable energy source alternative to these traditional heat/cold packs. It does not require continuous electricity, which eliminates fire hazards. Also, it creates a penetrating heat and pleasant corn fragrance not found in heating pads or any silicone packs. If used appropriatly these bags will last for years.

3. Why do you use corn as a filler?
We tested many types of items to use and found that corn, because of its density, weight, and large kernal size
it is an excellent conductor of heat. This gives the corn a unique ability to retain and transmit heat for
a long period of time. The Corn Bag can be reheated for many years.

4. Are these bags really safe?
Yes! Corn Bags do not carry the fire risks associated with electrical heating pads. Corn bags have never had any recalls nor have any warnings been issued by the FDA or Consumer Products Safety Committee. Several models of electric heating pads and sodium acetate pads have been recalled. Also, because of its organic nature it will not harm the environment.

5. Can the Corn Bags be used by children?
These are great for all ages and is an excellent sleep aid to help them fall asleep in no time! You should decrease the heat for younger children and older adults in case it is too hot for them. Test the corn bag for heat to make sure it is comfortable for the person.

6. How can a Corn Bag keep me warm?
Once heated just place the warm bag on your lap or snuggle with it under a blanket or bed covers. The blanket and bed covers act as an insulator and will keep the bag warm for many more hours. You will fall asleep before the bag gets cold. We also recommend heating the bag just before heading out into the cold outdoors. When using the neck bag tuck the bag into your winter jacket and head outside. Your jacket also acts as an insulator. Once in your car, move the bag to your lap. This will warm your legs while your car warms itself. Due to the extreme cold temperatures of the northern states, your bag will cool faster.

7. Can one bag be used for both hot and cold?
Yes. One bag can be used for both, but we recommend you have this product in pairs, to readily
have one available strictly for cooling and one for heating.

8. Will the corn pop like popcorn? This is our most asked question.
No. All our bags are filled with whole kernel feed/field corn, not to be confused with popping corn. There are at least four distinct kinds, or genotypes of corn: dent, flint, sweet, and pop. Dent, commonly referred to as "field" corn is by far the most common kind grown in the US, and is normally used for animal feeding and ethanol production and our corn bags. Flint is one kind of corn grown for human consumption that is commonly used in corn chips and other "hard" corn foods. Sweet corn, is usually consumed before it has reached physiological maturity.

9. What will happen when I first microwave my bag?
For the first few times you microwave your Corn Bag it will give off a (POPCORN) fragrance and feel moist.
Believe it or not the dry kernels still contain moisture. As the bag is heated they will continue to dry and the bag will feel less moist. The fragrance will become more of a soothing corn smell. These will last usually during the first 5 heatings.

10. Why don't you offer the same fabrics in all types of bags?
Our neck bags are our most popular and versatile Corn Bag, (Outselling the other bags 4 to 1) so we tend to create more fabrics in the neck bags. As we use our bolt of fabric we will make square and injury bags according to how much fabric we decide to save for those bags. So if you see your favorite fabric offered in other them quick before they are gone.

11. I purchased bags from you before and would like the same fabric.
Why don't I see it offered.
Since we deal mostly in soft flannel material, our choices of bolts are limited and
therefore once the material is gone, our chances of getting the same material is slim.

12. Why do you use Flannel ?
All of our fabrics are 100% cotton fabric. Our customers really enjoy the soft texture of the flannel
and we feel it provides a more comfortable feel on the skin. The high quality flannel is very durable especially
with the neck bags, as it maintains it's shape much better. We are trying out cotton (non-flannel) fabrics and they will be noted accordingly with the corn bag. So, unless otherwise noted, all corn bags are flannel material.

13. How do I clean my Corn Bag?
You do not wash it, but lightly dab it with a moist towel. The object is to clean the fabric without
getting moisture into the corn itself.

14. I forgot....How long do I heat my bag for?
The neck and square bags are heated for 2 to 3 minutes. Heating depends on the wattage of your microwave. I would start with 2 1/2 minutes and adjust your times accordingly. When reheating an already warm bag, you should only need about 45 seconds to bring it back up to temperature. Please test for heat comfort as these bags can get hot if heated incorrectly. The large bags are at least 4 minutes-adjust time for more or less heat.The small bags are heated for 1-2 minutes and adjust times. The handwarmers are heated for 45 seconds. Any heating above the recommended times can burn you or the corn and ruin your bag. Pay attention when typing in your heating times.