Welcome to MN Corn Bag. We are a big active family who reside in Avon, MN. We are Valerie and Jeff and we've been selling corn bags at area craft shows since 2004. We enjoy going to shows to share our products with others. The corn bags sell themselves mostly, but we get excited just talking about them too.

We all heat the corn bags up in the fall and winter to keep warm and feel cozy. They also feel so comforting when we are sick. Hot or cold they give so much relief when you are not feeling well.

A lot of family involvement goes into the hand-made corn bags we make. We are such believers in the bags we sell, because we use them ourselves. Our entire family and friends all use the corn bags. We get so much positive feedback and excitment about our corn bags, that it gives us true pleasure and joy sharing them with other families. We've had so many repeat customers that we decided to offer corn bags to you on this website.

Smile Val, it's time to get to work
For questions or comments (we really like to hear how you like our corn bags and maybe some of your uses.)