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We've been making and selling corn bags since 2004. We have sold many 1000's of them at craft shows in Minnesota and online.

Our microwave corn warming bags are proudly made right here in the heart of the United States. Our corn is purchased 12 miles right down the road....Really!! By buying
locally we are able to keep
our prices to a minimum and
offer you great specials.
We have a very large variety
of corn bag fabrics
to choose from.
(To view fabrics-select green fabrics tab
to the left of page)
Caution...the popular ones
will sell out!!!

The many uses:
Headaches, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia,
Raynauds Syndrome, Cramps, Muscle pains or spasms,
Injuries (hot or cold),
Hot flashes (cold),
stress reliever,
-our cancer customers say the heat helps relieve a lot of their pain.
- Post surgical patients use
the corn bag to help with
swelling and pain.
-Autistic children find the weight and tactile feel comforting.
-Heat the corn bag up and use the warmth outside in the cold,
during your chilly drive to work, around the house or take it to
bed to relax and feel the natural soothing, tranquil effect as you drift off to sleep.
(everyone's most popular use!!)
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FYI all of our bags will come sealed in poly plastic for everyones safety